Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jock-clad wrestler bound after match

This is a position I'd like to see more wrestlers in after their matches. Used to be so awesome when the old pro wrestling heels would end a match with a little extra. Something very enojyable about the bad guy pulling out some rope, leather, cuffs, or other items and ending up with a hogtied jobber, bound jobber, handcuffed jobber, tied up jobber, or otherwise restrained jobber.

Looks like this rookie got defeated (hopefully the heel forced him to submit in a punishing hold) and then was stripped of his spandex. His hands bound behind his back leave him helpless to cover his bare ass. What a beautiful ass it is... a big, pale bubblebutt, framed so nicely by the straps of the jock. The question is, did the heel take the trunks off him before or after restraining him? And how did he make him submit? And what happens next? Any ideas?

A great image to have fantasies about. From the Bound Guys site
A lot of nice images and clips there... this is a site I like to join now and then and enjoy their great hunks in bondage content.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Forced haircuts

Yesterday I posted about Caleb Konley, and included a shot of him getting a forced hair cut.

This picture is another hot forcing scenario: a stud in bondage while he gets his hair shaved. Multiple restraints in leather and rope hold the helpless victim by his arms and legs as he loses his locks. Many interesting fantasies come to mind with this one. Stud boy bound and shaved... another way to dominate a man.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Caleb Konley

Caleb Konley is a nice southern boy pro wrestler, and super sexy. He wears brief spandex trunks befitting his underwear model gimmick. A smooth, soft-muscled body that is usually tan and always so sexy! Great picture here, Caleb giving a sexy smirk to the camera. I think he has a beautiful body... look at those pecs, stomach, arms... great legs... and a cute baby face. (And he's even super-hot when he has a few extra pounds now and then.) Love his persona and his style of trunks. Perfect look for a sexy wrestler.

Would love to see this wrestlestud on WWE up against Vladimir Koslov or Mark Henry or Umaga.

Here's a great triple-team on Caleb. His legs are held in a leg nelson (full nelson applied with the legs) while his hair is forcefully cut. What a way to humiliate a wrestler!

A few more shots of this gorgeous grappler.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jack Evans

Jack Evans is a hot young pro wrestler who has worked for many feds in the US and Japan. He is probably recognizable to many for his work with ROH (Ring of Honor wrestling). He's an incredibly gifted wrestler, using many high-flying moves.

He commonly uses a persona some might identify as thug, gangsta, etc.(He has also done a masked gimmick.) Personally, I am happy when the rag comes off his head and that cute brown hair flops over his face a bit. He has an amazingly sexy body (some might say twink or swimmer's build), and usually wears red, white, or black baggy pants or long shorts to wrestle. Personally I'd love to see him borrow some of the brief trunks from his sometimes-enemy/sometimes-partner Roderick Strong. Show off those muscular legs, Jack!

Jack definitely has gymnastic and acrobatic prowess. The boy is flexible! While I do admire and appreciate his high spots, I can't get enough of seeing him tied up on the mat. His opponents are aware of this flexibility and take every advantage to stretch, bend, twist, punish, and torture his limber body. He's no jobber, that's for sure--but I would sure love to see him work as a jobber a few times for BG East. Jobber Jack Evans! (I can dream, cant I?)

Here's an amazing stretch by Roderick Strong. Jack's legs are hooked like a surfboard, then his arms pulled back and hooked under Roddy's legs, his head pulled all the way back. Jack's face is right in Roderick's crotch; jobber humiliation time. (I wouldn't mind the view there, though.) This looks like a real killer. Back arched in a punishing stretch... a tight stretch in the quads... shoulders and chest stretched wide... neck cranked back. Total jobber punishment that puts this beautiful body on display.

Here is another incredible hold with these two studs. Jack's body is bent back into almost a complete circle. His arms pulled back, stretching his shoulders and pecs... his back breaking... his legs stretched. This is another great way to display the jobber's body. Not sure what to call this hold, but sort of a Boston Crab pulled all the way back and flipper over with the arms hooked. Looks like Jack is getting killed, but thankfully he lives to wrestle another day.

Roderick Strong and Jack Evans work so well together... I never failed to enjoy them, as opponents or as partners. Here's another backbreaking hold by Strong. Strong has Jack's legs hooked as in a surfboard and is cranking back on his head. Jack's back and torso stretched to the extreme... groin spread and legs strained... neck cranked painfully. What an amazing view of Jack's muscular torso... pale and smooth pecs and abs. Not a huge guy, but one sexy jobberboy. Roderick always seems to know how to display his victim.

Again, no disrespect to Jack for referring to him as a jobber here and there... just a bit of fun. While I enjoy him suffering a bit in that role (and would enjoy more of it), he is certainly a talented star in his own right.